Hello Zambales

It’s already summer here in the Philippines and I don’t know where else where is summer but people are starting to look for their getaway this season.

I have something here to show you that if you live here in the Philippines and you have a tight budget and it’s just 5 hours away from the city I have a place for you.

Now I call it my haven because this is my “go to” place whenever I’m stressed or I want to unwind or I just want to be far from the city. I have a specific place to talk about but I would like to introduce to you “Zambales”.

Before I thought this place was so far but then when we went there for the first time I thought that “hey I can drive back here again”. We all know that the Philippines is wealthy when it comes to summer destinations like beaches etc. but there are times to go to a beautiful and calm places you need to take a plane or maybe a boat or a long bus/car drive but my favorite place is not that far from Metro Manila.

In Zambales, Philippines there are so many beach resorts to choose from but I found a place a little bit far from the common resorts that people know about. All I wanted was a quiet place to relax, listen to the beach waves and drink if I’m in the mood and I found this place perfect for me. Some people find it low class but that is not really my point why I like it there. What I love about this place is that the beach area is so wide and it’s clean not like the other beach parts in Zambales. The surrounding was peaceful and you can really relax and reflect about life whenever I’m there.

The name of this resort is “RAMA International Beach Resort” the price range for their accommodation is really reasonable and affordable but if you’re looking for a 5-star or a Class A resort maybe this is not for you. I usually go here is low season because f you visit this place in peak season you will be with Class C families and you will see unexpected things (it’s hard to explain). So whenever I visit this resort it feels like I own the the place because I can also see myself the staff and the beautiful beach.

The staff there are friendly and they accommodate you immediately. when it comes to food they have good food my favorites are sinigang na pork, porkchop. They have a wide variety of food to choose from. drinks non-alcoholic and alcoholic are very affordable as well.

For accommodations you can rent a room or you can just rent a tent and sleep outside the beach area. they have standard rooms, deluxe rooms and dorm type of rooms price range for rooms 1000-8000 it depends on how many are you and what season are you visiting. you can also rent kayak there.

They have a little bonfire every night and a fire dance. I’m not sure if they do that every night but yeah. But this place make me relax that is why I super love this place.

In Zambales you can also do other things like hiking and also island hoping!. I’m not sure the name of the hiking trail because I don’t do hiking but I do want to try it soon but for the island hopping you will go to Capones Island and Anawangin Island. Usually Island hopping will take you a day or maybe whole day it depends on what you want but that is also a good place to chill and drink. you can’t stay in Capones island for a long time because there are many tourist and the island is not that big to accommodate many people. But in Anawangin you can stay as long as you like you can even stay there for overnight you can rent a tent.

Island hopping price range is 500-4000 pesos depends on the boat and how many are you but you can join other small groups for a cheaper price.

if you leave here in the Philippines from Metro Manila it will take you 5 hours – 6 hours going there (if there is no traffic ) but if you’re just visiting here in the Philippines with no car you can the bus or you can rent a van or a car.

I will always recommend Zambales for a quick summer getaway. I’m not pushing you to like my have but you can also your own favorite spot. you can look through booking.com or agoda.com. This were I found mine.

and if you’re visiting the philippines for vacation, business or work please do fine time to visit zambales.

Come on cinnamon! :)

Who doesn’t love food? and who doesn’t love cinnamon bun! Well I do!

I super love Cinnabon bun especially the one that they sell in Starbucks here in the Philippines and also Cinnabon buns at Cinnabon are also good and milky which I really really love! but I’m also picky when it comes to the taste and moisture of that buns baby! and I don’t like Cinnamon bun with nuts haha ( I don’t like nuts sorry ).

If I say it’s legit it means I super love it and the taste is really the food itself. Sometimes bakery or restaurants they focus on their presentation not on the food so you really need to be picky.

This is just in earlier I went out for coffee and a snack and I went to my favorite coffee shop near my house and I saw it on their display they have cinnamon buns!

When it comes to food I have some questions to ask first before I purchase it especially if it is my first time ordering it.

  1. Does have nuts? if its a NO I’ll buy for sure!
  2. Is it baked today? or is it new?

Fortunately it’s new and no nuts so I immediately bought it and asked them to warm it up! and when it arrived it was sooooooooooooooo good! I mean hands down I super love it its milky, creamy and it has the perfect amount of cinnamon. I paired it with white mocha latte that is my drink every time I go there

I just want to share it to you guys because it was so damn good! so if you live here in the Philippines and you’re from the south please do visit this coffee shop it is name cupbearer. it’s just a small and simple coffee shops and they offer medium size variety of food and drinks! This coffee shop has 5 star ratings on facebook and people also left good reviews about it so if you have time please do visit I will be linking their facebook page here and go check it out!


HOW TO BE: Happier

not in relation but I love listening to this song while reading/writing this

Second post for my blog. This series will be called “how to be”. In this series I will be talking about my feelings and “How” I’m fighting myself to face what I’m going through. I know! who cares about my feelings but I know some people somewhere feel the feeling that I do and maybe want to know HOW I handle it. Each and everyone of us has their own faith, path or whatever you call it but knowing some of this can help other to.

It’s early to share this kind of topic to whoever read this blog. But this is one of the reasons why I created this blog, to keep myself busy, to stop myself to comparing with others. So let us now proceed to the pain post of this blog.

How to be Happy? in Filipino “Paano ba maging masaya?”

How can you say that you are happy? – “paano mo nasabi na masaya kana?”

How can other people be happy and I am not? – ” Paano sila nagiging masaya ako hindi?”

There are still a lot of questions and every person has a different answer. We can find happiness anywhere family, friends, some you love (romantically) or sometimes we feel happy in a place or sometimes we’re happy with just material things. This year I want to try facing a new type of life happy, contentment and light.

At the age of 24 I have so many things in my mind. Family, friends, Career and most especially love life. Things that I mention to most of us is also important and some they already have it. The question is, are they happy?

My trust issues was broken when I was a little girl but then I was not really focusing on that part of my life because I’m busy having fun playing with my toys. But when I got older got my first heartache at the age of 17. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and since then I’m having a hard time trusting people and sometime I tend to overthink situations. This is not only for romantic relationship but to the other people around me.

After that my goal is just to concentrate on what I have and have fun, focus to my studies finish college and have a successful career but years went by it’s still the same ; Me, Myself and I. I have my family and friends but still it feels like something is missing. At first I thought I was just looking for a guy to love me romantically but now I thought “why do I feel like that I’m not happy with my life? what’s missing?”

well last year I had so many relizations in life that I want to “re-do” my life. all along I have the wrong mind set and that is what I’m doing right now. It’s hard I’m really struggling but I’m fighting.

Here is my steps on “HOW TO BE: HAPPIER”

#1 – Think for yourself first, love yourself – This doesn’t mean you’ll be selfish and just think of yourself only. Prioritise yourself and then think of what is good for the people involve. By this listen to yourself your inner soul & heart knows more.

#2 – learn how to listen, understand and forgive– listen to what your heart and mind has to say and also listen to whoever is talking and understand then apply your values and forgive. We all have our different attitudes, different values and what we believe in. always remind yourself that no one is forcing you to be good or kind just be the person you think is doing what is REALLY right. you don’t have be an angel my friend. To make it short you need to understand first before you take actions. Because wrong decisions might lead to wrong actions. forgiveness is also a medicine for the heart don’t give yourself hard feelings it can cause you heart attack (kidding).

#3 Stop comparing yourself to others – We are not sisters and brothers by blood, we have our own lives to run so stop comparing. Just think of it that COMPARING IS BAD!! Generations today they’re “g0 getters” they aim so high to be successful but does not want that right? but sometimes this attitude tend to make people compare to others. Remember each and everyone of us we have our own timeline. I’m talking about general things okay? career, love, friends etc. Personally the action I did was to do social media detox I deactivated all my social media accounts (Facebook, messenger, twitter, instagram ). To be honest social media is more toxic than my workplace. Learn to pause and walk at your own phase.

#4 Be yourself – be free, be yourself you don’t need to pretend like others. You don’t have to adjust yourself to fit in. But there are situations that you need to adjust but that is for a greater purpose. it’s like you don’t have to like the things you don’t like, you don’t have to be rich to have many friends, you don’t have to spend too much money to fit in with others. Relax and do whatever you’re comfortable.

#5 Be Brave – Nobody is perfect my friend there are times life will really give you challenges that sometimes you’ll just say for yourself “life is testing me today”. That is why you have to brave and strong to face your everyday life. always consider that everyday is your life challenge. It’s okay if sometimes it looks like you’re giving up and you’re loosing hope but that normal you just need to tap yourself at the back ang tell yourself you can do this. especially in life you’re alone, it’s better not to depend with other people. you should now how to stand with your own feet. BE INDEPENDENT.

#6 patiently learn how to wait – This is connected to step #3. Like what I said we have our own timeline the reason why we compare because we are pressure why things is not happening in our lives. learn how to wait God or whoever you believe in has a great plan for you just need to work on it and it will come on it proper timing. This is mainly for career and love life. People usually rush things and they ended up hurt and disappointed. Learn how to wait and appreciate the process that will happen from what I heard it is very life changing. Since didn’t experience it yet but I know it will be a different experience.

These steps it doesn’t mean that it will be effective to all the readers of this blog. This can be effective to me and to you or maybe it can be nothing or it can just give ideas on how to fight your beautiful life.

Life is beautiful learn to appreciate, learn to value what is offered we have our own lives so don’t compare learn to live freely without hesitations and regrets

If you want share something feel free to contact me and let’s talk 🙂

Hello Japan

wonderful view of Mt. Fuji (Photo taken via iPhone7+) , Photo owned by me

First post! So I will call it “Hello” series this is where I will share my experience and tips on having budget friendly travels and can help you plan you own trip!

First is Japan. This is not my first time to travel out of the country but since this is the recent one I’ll start with J A P A N.

Here in the Philippines people will always find time to stop from their everyday lives and take time to unwind and relax from all the stress they face every single day. People always raved about Japan, that they love the culture, the food and for others they love anime or manga. But I’m not one of them.

Who would have thought that I will fall in love with Japan. Those 7 days will definitely w be one of the most memorable moment in my life.

First, weather. Philippines is a tropical country so most of us loves to go to cold countries and Japan can give you that. I love the winter season even we don’t have that. I love putting layers on my body experimenting with my outfits and challenging myself on how I can handle the freezing weather.

Second, FOOD. Who doesn’t love food?! especially Japanese Food. The moment I knew that we will go to Japan I know that one of my list will be going on a “food trip”. Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi, Takoyaki and many more. Also planned to visit every convenience store in Japan because some of friends told me that food there can help you survive especially if you’re in a tight budget. Most of the time that I’ve been there I eat so be ready with your tummies HAHA.

Third, Tourist spots. Visited Tokyo for the very first time got the chance to see Hachiko. visited the most busiest city in Japan “Shibuya”. The expensive district “Ginza”, Mt. Fuji, Hakone Island and also who wouldn’t visit Tokyo Disney Land! We also visited some of the temple and importance places there that I can’t remember their names but make sure if you will visit Japan have a day that you will tour the city of Japan (book a tour my friend) but also let yourself explore by your own.

Speaking of exploring I really enjoyed taking the subway or their train. This their main transportation here I think. I seldom see buses or taxis and they also said that taxis their is so expensive (maybe not for them). some uses their bikes or scooters to go to work. but also make sure if you will travel on your own make sure you have internet with you so that if you get lost you’ll have directions and “google maps” is really a BIG help for me. Because in Japan mostly they don’t speak english so you’re really on your own my friend. Be brave and explore.

We got our plane ticket through Cebu Pacific Philippines and it’s on SALE! We really don’t have any plans but since the air fare is cheap we purchased and immediately applied for a Visa application which here in the Philippines it cost 600-800Php (estimate). Though my parents it’s not their first time to go to Japan they went to Tokyo and Osaka already. Also got the chance to save up some pocket money.

For more convenience for your trip book your special tours online because sometimes it’s more cheaper than doing it D.I.Y . You need to canvas prices so that you know what is cheaper because there are places that is cheaper when you do it yourself but there are places that you book it online. One application that I will recommend is Klook. it a new app where in you can purchase tickets of some of the famous attractions or themed parks absolutely for a cheaper value. While for us family we used Klook and we also have an agency to hooked us up with the other attractions that are not in Klook. Research & canvasing is also important not only for Japan. it’s whenever you are travelling.

If you’ll ask me if you love shopping you will definitely love Japan. from what I observed food is more expensive than other things there because normally us family our food bill whenever we eat out it ranges to 500-600 pesos but in Japan our food bills always ended up with 1200-2000 Php. Train fair in Japan ranges to 100-300 Php depending to where you will go but for easier transaction you will get you “pasmo” card its like your journey ticket so that you will not but ticket every now and then because in Japan you will always transfer rail lines. we purchased 3000 Japanese yen for Pasmo card and the 500 Japanese yen will be the deposit for the card. If ever you’ll not go back to Japan you can just surrender your Pasmo card and they will give your 500 cash back and also Pasmo cards can be also used to pay in the convenience stores and some restaurants.

Japan is also known for chocolates and candies and they’re also known for creating or inventing new flavors of kitkat and even coca-cola! I got so many different flavors of kitkat, of course matcha, melon, sweet potato and sakura flavor. They also have different flavors for Pocky biscuits.

If you like to go shopping for bags and you love backpacks go for Anello bags because in Japan it’s really affordable than buying in the Philippines double the price. I got mine in Asakusa where in there a long strip of shops for gifts or even something for yourself.

I will definitely go back to Japan there are still more to see their but for sure I will go there winter season since here in my country we’re deprived from cold season LOL. Another tip don’t pack full for your hand carry luggage because in Narita Airport there are still shops and it’s also affordable food, souvenirs.